Ordinary pallet

– The input material is a very important factor for the quality of a pallet.

– We are committed to you pallets we are made from eucalyptus wood, mother-of-pearl and especially solid melaleuca that looks perennial from different material areas.

– With our input materials, our pallets are guaranteed of the strength and durability for you to export or use in daily production.

Pallet planing

– From finely preserved wooden slats, we use them to create products of higher quality.

– Planing pallets will be very suitable for businesses who want to get clean in the production space or want their products to be beautifully packaged when exported to demanding markets like the US and European countries.

Regular and planed wooden sticks

– Wooden bar is a product that we receive a lot of orders from customers.

– Wooden rods are used for the purpose of struts and bracing when you want to make the most of the space in the container for you to export goods..